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Our team comprises of the most experienced individuals in the industry.

Fred Karimipour HORZ BW.jpg
Fred Karimipour


Philip Benjamin HORZ_BW.jpg
Philip Benjamin

VP of Market Strategy & Concept Development

Michael Frye HORZ_BW.jpg
Michael Frye

Director of Human Resources & Guest Relations

Josh Hall_BW.jpg
Josh Hall

Facilities Manager

Douglas Brown HORZ 2024_BW.jpg
Doug Brown

VP of Operations

Brittany Driskell HORZ_BW.jpg
Brittany Driskell

Director of Culinary Operations

Stephen Maholick HORZ 2024_BW.jpg
Stephen Maholick

Area Director

Mandi Decker HORZ_BW.jpg
Mandi Decker

VP of Financial Operations & Administrative Services

Shad Cook HORZ_BW.jpg
Shad Cook

Director of IT

Matthew Langler HORZ BW.jpg
Matthew Langler

Area Director

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