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Jennifer Nicholson

January 2017

Jennifer Nicholson has been serving customers for over 5 years at Bonifay Country Club—FMK’s festive beach themed restaurant. From helping to train new recruits, to serving her guests with a smile, Jennifer focuses on “serving people well and being a positive influence.”

Originally from the Midwest, her husband’s job brought Jennifer to The Villages area. When looking to start a new career in the area she was attracted to the “casual, friendly and compassionate,” culture at FMK Restaurant Group.

When asked what sets FMK apart, Jennifer stated, “she loves how committed FMK is to making positive contributions to its community.” And appreciates how they, “recognize her work ethic.”

Jennifer is grateful for the atmosphere and people she gets to experience daily with her position at FMK. She has several regulars that she enjoys seeing. She loves the fact that they ask for her stating, “I think it’s especially valuable to connect with people in today’s world – to find common ground and to know what is going on in their lives.”

Get to know Jennifer:

  • She enjoys target shooting.
  • She would love to try farming and writing.
  • She once had a regular customer offer to pay for college.

Stop in to say hello to Jennifer next time you dine with us at Bonifay.

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Dallas Orlando

December 2016

Dallas Orlando has been serving customers at FMK for 5 years. From helping to open each of the five restaurants in The Villages, to serving her guests with a smile, Dallas loves the fun, family atmosphere she helps cultivate at FMK.

Dallas is a proud Central Floridian, growing up in neighboring towns of The Villages; Fruitland Park and Leesburg. Already in the restaurant industry, Dallas was impressed with Fred Karimipour’s leadership at FMK and quickly took the opportunity to join the team. She loves how family oriented FMK is, stating one of her favorite things about her job is her, “work family.”

Dallas is grateful for the successful career she’s built and says FMK, “gives her the opportunity to excel.” One of the things she respects most about FMK is their commitment to community, stating, “We have a lot of nonprofits that come in for meetings and Fred always supports all.”

Get to know Dallas:

  • She loves serving The Critters Golf Group because they always make her smile.
  • She’s a Penn State fan.
  • She a mother of two.

Stop in to say hello to Dallas next time you dine with us at Evan’s Prairie.

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Chaddi Baker

November 2016

Chaddi Baker has been with FMK for 3 years, working as a server and hourly manager. From working with her fellow teammates to waiting on customers, Chaddi prides herself at doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Hailing from a small town in Southern Ohio, a life change brought Chaddi to The Villages. She heard FMK was a great company to work for and is so glad that she applied. She’s created so many great memories with FMK that she had trouble highlighting just one, stating, “I am grateful to be a part of the Evans Prairie team.” One of the things she appreciates most about FMK is how the company’s beliefs, ideas and knowledge is shared by the entire staff; creating a collaborative culture that recognizes potential and allows members to excel. Chaddi says, “They have believed in my abilities to be a part of the team.”

  • She’s a huge Ohio State Buckeye fan. GO BUCKEYES!
  • She loves meeting new people and hearing their stories.
  • She’s excited to see where the next steps at FMK take her.
  • She looks forward to her regulars, especially the Men’s Bible group that shares so many inspirational stories with her at Evans Prairie.

Closing comments from Chaddi

"Fred Karimipour takes pride in all of his restaurants and the product he gives to his customers. He is a great man to work for, giving his employees the chance to rise above to be the best they can be. Thanks Fred for giving us that opportunity."
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Johnie Mae Francis

October 2016

Johnie Mae Francis has been with FMK for 5 years, working as a prep cook and hourly manager. From prepping food for line chefs to managing daily back of the house needs, Johnie loves being a team player. “That means pitching in to do whatever needs to be done.”

A proud native of Wildwood, Florida, Johnie looked no further than her own back yard to find a successful career in the restaurant industry with FMK. She loves how family oriented FMK is.

“FMK is very important to The Villages community. It feels like I get to work with one big family.”

One of the things she appreciates most about FMK is how they recognize and reward hard work and dedication.

“They noticed that I get the job done and promoted me.”

  • One of her favorite FMK moments was catering for St. Jude’s.
  • She’ll never forget when a guest brought in a cake for her birthday!
  • She loves the people she works with and calls them her FMK family. She’s excited to see where the next steps at FMK take her.
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